Piers Hellawell collections on Metronome and Delphian Recordings:
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‘This disc of music from the last decade showcases the sheer diversity and strength of composer Piers Hellawell's work… Music for concentrated and serious listening’

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· DELPHIAN RECORDINGS DCD34223; released end-February 2020
· Up By The Roots (+), atria @, Ground Truthing*, Piani, Latebre (^), Wild Flow (**)
· Performed by Fidelio Trio and Sinéad Morrissey (+), Huw Watkins and Paul Watkins (@) Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble (*), William Howard (^), Ulster Orchestra conducted by Paul Watkins (**)


'the vividness of Hellawell's ideas, the deftness of their execution and exploration, his effective use of abrupt contrasts....'

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· DELPHIAN RECORDINGS DCD34114; released end-April 2012
· Agricolas+, Airs, Waters and Floating Islands@, Etruscan Games*, Basho@, Degrees of Separation+ and Jan Palac and the Flaming Skier**
· Performed by Robert Plane (cl), RTE NSOI conducted Pierre-Andre Valade (+), Mary Dullea(@) Fidelio Trio (*), Mary Dullea and Darragh Morgan (**)


'Who Let the Dogs Out? Here's an evocative and engaging showpiece'

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Click here to purchase on amazon.co.uk  Hellawell: Cors de Chasse, Weaver of Grass & Dogs and Wolves - BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Pierre-André Valade & RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet

· METRONOME RECORDINGS MET CD1076; released end-April 2008
· Cors de chasse+, Weaver of Grass*, Driftwood on Sand@, The Building of Curves*, Dogs and Wolves+
· Performed by BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (+), RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet (@) and The Schubert Ensemble (*)


Click here to purchase on amazon.co.uk  Hellawell: Inside Story, the Still Dancers & Quadruple Elegy - BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Vanbrugh String Quarte & Vanbrugh String Quartet

· METRONOME RECORDINGS MET CD1059; released March 2002
· Inside Story+, The Still Dancers *, Quadruple Elegy (in the time of freedom)+
· Performed by Clio Gould, Philip Dukes, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (+) and RTE Vanbrugh String Quartet (*)
· BBC Music Magazine Orchestral CD of the Month, July 2002


Click here to purchase on amazon.co.uk  Hellawell: Sound Carvings - Psappha, BT Scottish Ensemble & Clio Gould

· METRONOME RECORDINGS, MET CD 1029; released June 1998
· Sound Carvings From The Water’s Edge*, Truth Or Consequences+, Sound Carvings from the Ice Wall+, Memorial Cairns*, Sound Carvings from Rano Raraku+ · Performed by Psappha (+) and Scottish Ensemble (*)

Other CD recordings:

· Minnesang (2009), Sarah Watts (bass clarinet) and Antony Clare (piano) on Timeless Shades - Music for bass clarinet and piano by British-based composers, CUILLIN SOUND CUILL1002 (2-CD set). Available from www.cuillinsoundmusic.co.uk

· Das Leonora Notenbuch, Basho, Clare Hammond (piano solo) on Piano Polyptych, ASC Prima Facie, September 2011, PFCD007

· The Hilliard Songbook, Hilliard Ensemble on A Hilliard Songbook, 1996 ECM New Series 1614/15 453 259-2

· Truth Or Consequences (1991) and Oh Whistle And I'll Come To You (1989) on Making A Song And Dance, Neuma Records, May 1998 Neuma 450-97

· High Citadels (1994) for clarinet and piano, CD recording on Metier Recordings, June 1998 MSV CD92013

· A White Room for easy piano quartet, on NMC CD collection A White Room, February 2001 NMC D 075