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  Composition and writing on music
  Composition: the artistic trace of a life,
with the intensities of being human imprinted upon,
rather than encoded in, the music.
BBC Philharmonic plays Symphonies in Chains for 2024 EBU conference! See concert listing here

Piers Hellawell is featured composer in Winchester Chamber Music Festival in May 2024. See here

Arrowhead for piano trio was premiered by the Fidelio Trio in Iowa City USA, on 21st February. Click here to watch or hear it!
Click here for more information on this new work

Bede Williams (trumpet) and Baichuan Hui (piano) play Russian Doll here

Darragh Morgan plays Balcony Scenes (2014) in the Menuhin Hall, London: click here for video

Ground Truthing in Bratislava! Hear the fabulous Quasars Ensemble here

World premiere of third string quartet in San Francisco:. Family Group with Aliens. Click here

New Video!
Friction play Driftwood on Sand in San Francisco
click here
Psappha play Sound Carvings from Rano Raraku in Manchester – click here

Video Talks
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