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  Composition and writing on music
  Composition: the artistic trace of a life,
with the intensities of being human imprinted upon,
rather than encoded in, the music.
New Hellawell CD on Delphian! ‘Up By The Roots’ a new collection of works since 2009, is out now!
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Ground Truthing in Bratislava! Hear the fabulous Quasars Ensemble here

World premiere of third string quartet in San Francisco:. Family Group with Aliens. Click here

New Video!
Friction play Driftwood on Sand in San Francisco
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Psappha play Sound Carvings from Rano Raraku in Manchester – click here
The Building of Curves – The Schuberts’ final performance! Click here

Video Talk: Lost Affection – Hellawell reflects on How Music Became Modern. Click here

Video Talks
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